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How Nonprofits Should SPEND MONEY ON Technology

The goal of any investment is to make a higher return sooner or later in the future. That might indicate higher donor retention rates, more effective workers, or increased engagement with constituents. Buying technology is not the same as shelling out for technology. Some technology needs are the expense of doing business just, but investing is about improving results. Focusing on what to invest in and what to avoid can help nonprofits better serve their missions. The most effective fundraising asset a nonprofit organization has been their constituent data.

Investing in this asset is one of the wisest decisions that a nonprofit can make. The return on investment is usually simpler to measure too. For example, investing in getting your constituent data fortified and enriched with additional information like address changes, health screening, email, and phone data, and interpersonal media data can produce greater results even. These investments can pay off now and in the future.

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There is a reliable blast of new tools, technologies, and hype words in the technology world. But because you can certainly do something doesn’t mean you must do something. Avoid investing in technology simply for the sake of technology. Instead, focus on your strategy and how a particular new technology can help. The problem with shiny object symptoms is that it distracts organizations from what’s really important often. Nothing … Read more