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A Nurse Practitioner’s View

America is in the midst of a nursing shortage that is only anticipated to worsen as baby boomer nurses reach retirement age and a burgeoning population requires more healthcare. · More than 581,000 new nursing positions are expected to be created by 2018. This progress is much quicker than every other business, and there just aren’t sufficient nurses to fill the positions.

· Over the next 20 years, the common age of the RN will improve and the scale of the workforce will plateau as large numbers of RNs retire. Because demand for RNs is predicted to extend throughout this time, a large and prolonged shortage of nurses is predicted to hit the US in the latter half of the following decade.

· There are greater than 100,000 vacant RN positions. · 55% of surveyed nurses plan to retire throughout this decade. You get the point. With so many nurses leaving, hospitals are put ready where they need to do the whole lot they will to increase nurse retention. Simply put, they can’t afford for any extra nurses to quit. But how can they achieve this?

What can hospitals do to keep nurses completely happy and involved in their careers? Here are a few of the best nurse retention methods. · Offer longer orientation intervals for brand spanking new nurses—Starting a brand new profession as a nurse might be overwhelming. Nursing is a hectic job, and lives are on the road. With about 20 p.c of recent nurses quitting inside … Read more