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Are you seeking to raise capital? We’re obsessive about unearthing the most creative and innovative capital solutions. We’ll provide senior-level attention and advice. You are given by us the direct goods and have your best passions in mind. Our extensive investor relationships span pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, fund of funds, family investment offices, endowments, and foundations. In fact, let’s get straight to the point.

We’re a boutique corporate and business finance advisory firm that knows the tiny and middle market. We understand the right capital raising plan or M&A deal can transform and propel a continuing business forwards. We’re also a leader in infrastructure and private equity fundraising including strategy development, pre-marketing, post-closing, and fundraising & investor relations.

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We’re more than your consultant or your agent. We’re your lover. We make investments time understanding your business & goals. We provide you with the straight goods and have your best passions at heart. We will see you through the deal from concept to completion. Financial markets have no borders. Neither do we. We’ll bring in you to our extensive network of interactions with pension programs, endowments, private collateral, insurance firms, family offices, and high net-worth individuals. We’ve an extensive knowledge and experience across the full spectrum of products and constructions available in private markets – equity and debt.

Our goal is to bring new and innovative structures and ways of our small and mid-market clients. We’ll provide senior-level attention. Through imagination, performance and innovation, we deliver solutions and advice to change your business. Oh, yeah… And we’ll take action without the “bulge-bracket” fees. We are committed to tracking and analyzing the sectors we serve, which allows us to better recommend our clients within an ever-changing market environment. We’ll do a deep dive into the business and we’ll do the job and nobody else. We’re goal and we always place the interest of our clients first. Our aim is to provide honest, thoughtful insight.

We have unrivaled expertise and a proven reputation for being innovative and executing complex transactions. Pinpoint is a trusted advisor and key part of us during the last 5 years; a time when our business has grown exponentially through transformational transactions and key collateral and debt financings. Pinpoint was instrumental in helping us to monetize a portion of the value we’d created in our business while attracting somebody that could further accelerate the company’s already impressive growth.

Pinpoint played an integral role in running a professional, highly competitive equity bringing up process that allowed us to find a like-minded partner while making the most of value for shareholders. Pinpoint was instrumental in helping us completely refinance our personal debt via the securitization market amid an extremely challenging post financial crisis environment.

Pinpoint’s principals have previously advised, worked with together, or opposite an impressive list of companies and companies on a variety of proposed and completed transactions and mandates. We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call, send us an e-mail, or use our contact page. Pinpoint Capital Advisors Incorporated is a continuing business consulting company. Securities offered through Group Capital LLC, member FINRA/SIPC.

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