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Time Under Tension (TUT). Triphasic may help build muscle? One of the elements that produce muscles grow is time under stress. All bodybuilders know this but as pointed out by Dave Tate in this article a few years back on T-Nation – very few people know how much time under tension they are receiving. They do their 3 models of 10, but after that it transforms the time under stress was significantly less than 20 secs, as they have rushed through the areas with poor form.

According to this article the utmost hypertrophy occurs somewhere between 30-45 seconds, and most people generally support the idea of it being under 60 secs somewhere with respect to the load just. So could lower repetition sets and a relatively high weight but with a slow eccentric assist with muscle growth. Seems feasible. And if you are accustomed to doing 8-12 reps at the same tempo always, it is certainly heading to task and change things up.

For Physique & Bodybuilding. For example, in the scheduled program below there’s a 6-second eccentric, if you consider the rest of the repetition will take 1-2 seconds, then 3 reps is going to offer you 24 secs under stress. 42 to 56 seconds under tension. Day one of phase one of an application for a guy who is an experienced lifter This is, who before was doing the classic hypertrophy training and desires to compete in physique contests.

6000 means a gradual 6 second eccentric and the rest as quickly as possible. Note, I didn’t use percentages like in the original triphasic. In my experience guys who train at higher rep ranges seldom go near maximal or are ill-informed of what their 1RM is, therefore after warm up, I instructed him to develop to a heavy 3 reps. If using percentages you desire to be somewhere between 80-90%, above 90 will be too heavy. Using the RDLs 8 repetitions with the triphasic principles is hard! And this new range is way higher than Dietz would use with sportsmen.

In retrospect 6 reps could have been hard enough. Block 2 is isometric. This helps to recruit high end fast twitch electric motor units – the type hardly ever recruited by traditional hypertrophy training. In Day 4 of the stage 1 program for this client observe how the first exercise is triphasic and a substance movement and the following exercises are more traditional exercises and rep runs for hypertrophy. In my experience bodybuilding guys love the triphasic component, they think it is extremely taxing, it brings a strength element to their training, but it feels like hypertrophy training.

A slow eccentric lower into a squat or keeping a pub an inches of your chest for 5 seconds and then exploding support brings a quality element to working out. No cheating or jumping off the upper body with this. Of course with complete newbies we’re not launching them up with 85% of a 1RM and then doing some heavy reps. With newbies I am really using the triphasic principles to have them better at moving and controlling the new, maybe it’s bodyweight only or with a kettlebell for goblet squats. And with newbies you can certainly do a month or more of each phase or doing them all in one workout.

  • Heavy exercise spurts accompanied by long periods of no activity
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  • Would encouragement from other women help you reach your fitness goals
  • Drink 8 glasses of water each day in Q3

Set 4: Reactive – he’s as quick as possible. Repetitions of 5-8 works well. Again this really helps the beginner to concentrate on quality technique and news rather than just going through the motions. This was an application for a county/ national level Hockey player. One day of this program got triphasic trained in.

The other times consisted of foundational plyometrics, power exercises, fitness, and agility drills as well as mobility. This athlete still had a full-time job so had to match his training outside of hockey practice in his lunch break, so only had 30mins or so for each session realistically. Hence, on this program I indicate that if he runs out of your time to only do the triphasic squats with this day even if he does nothing else.