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Unless you haven’t utilized the internet for a week, you’ll want to find out about WannaCry or one of the aliases it uses, such as WannaCryptor, WanaDecrypt0r, or WanaCry. In this website post, I’ll make an effort to answer, in clear & concise language, some of the most asked questions. While there were several excellent (technical) blogs about WannaCry, this one will be non-technical and targets practical steps solely.

The most apparent question, but not an obvious answer necessarily. Essentially, it is ransomware, software that holds your machine as well as your files ransom, until a charge is paid. In its latest version, it also presented a workable element; in other words, it could spread to other machines running Windows in your network. A worm is a kind of malware that can replicate itself and therefore spread to other machines in a network. The name ‘WannaCry’ is due to the ransomware authors themselves, as that is how they called it.

How does WannaCry work? Figure 1 – So how exactly does the WannaCry ransomware work? Windows only. More specifically: OR WINDOWS 7 up to Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 up to Windows server 2016. This is the ransomware in its natural form only, however. Which os were affected the most? Can I pass on WannaCry to others unwillingly, or in my network?

It is certainly possible, but only when the worm element is energetic and you have not up to date Windows in a while. More specifically, you’ll need to set up MS17-010 to ‘close the hole’ or patch the vulnerability. When do the outbreak of WannaCry start? Week Fri The outbreak reportedly began last, 12/05/2017, in the morning hours (UTC). However; it is possible the outbreak began the evening before that. Can something again such as this happen?

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Definitely. In fact, some malware households also exploit(ed) the same vulnerability in Windows as mentioned above. What’s or was the WannaCry ‘wipe out switch’? A kill switch is a security measure used to shut down a device in an emergency. That is no different in WannaCry: a specific domain was inserted in the ransomware to do something as a wipe out change: if said site exists & communicates this to the ransomware; leave immediately.

Thanks to MalwareTech, who signed up the domain, most of the WannaCry infections were not able to spread further, since the domain existed. Remember that some variants appeared later with other ‘kill switch domains’, which were rather quickly registered by other security researchers also. MAY I decrypt or recover files encrypted by WannaCry? It’s possible. A tool, WannaKiwi, has been developed by several security analysts that may be able to restore your data files.