I Don’t Know How

14.2/ I understand I have to download and set up this but I don’t visit a.SlackBuild file, how do I go about installing this? I don’t know how, do I just copy it to a location? I DOWNLOAD this because as far as I am concerned I want the source/slackbuilds to install it as I would do on the website, alien’s website is a bit different. SlackBuilds are needed if you would like to compile your own packages.

If you’re thinking about that, you would need to visit the parent directory website and then go into the source directory and you could probably figure out navigation from there. But the only “multilib” deals are gcc and glibc, so those are the only ones that need to be put together to replace the existing packages on one’s body.

  1. 14Click the Activate Now button
  2. Enter MySQL database server login information and click continue
  3. First open up the file filled with your chosen image
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Everything else for “multilib” is simply a 32bit package installed side-by-side with a 64bit deal without the 32bit overwriting the 64bit. They are called compat32 packages by Eric (the designer of multilib for Slackware). A script is provided by him that can covert these packages. But if you would like to go the easy route (and really, this is probably the way you ought to be going right now), you should download the prebuilt deals and install them just. It’ll make your life a whole great deal easier.

The directions can all be found in the README in the parent directory, but I’ll paste them below for simplicity. In the location where this README was found by you, download the subdirectory with the true name that corresponds to the Slackware version you are operating. This will upgrade gcc and glibc packages and use a new package called “compat32-tools”.

You are actually going to set up 32-bit compatibility packages to aid all the 32-bit programs you may want to run (approximately 60 MB of deals, not all that much really!). These packages are positioned in the subdirectory called “slackware64-compat32” that you also downloaded with the “lftp” command word shown above. This procedure will also work if you already got a multilib setup and have upgraded your Slackware to a more recent release (new compat32 deals will be installed and existing ones will be upgraded). You need to reboot because of the glibc update.

Once you’ve decided on SiteGround, or another hosting provider, the next step is for connecting a website name to the host’s machines. This can be done in two ways, depending on whether or not you’ve already registered your domain name. In the event that you haven’t yet authorized a website name, you can do so straight from SiteGround once you’ve pressed on the order button.