Best Beauty Parlours For Bridal Makeup In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Well of course to see if the makeup does justice to this highly-anticipated event, the marriage ceremony, which is celebrated grandly in Bangladesh usually. If the makeup is to the girl’s liking, she’ll go to the trouble of finding out to whom or even to which beauty parlour the credit goes.

Even after going to countless such ceremonies, she is confronted with a dilemma as it pertains to her own impending wedding ceremony. She actually is lost, afraid and baffled to pick a beautician to hand over her bridal face to. It’s quite common to come across Facebook statuses by soon-to-be brides seeking advice about which place is the best place. I faced such scruples before my own engagement wedding ceremony a couple of months ago just, and then I recognized how daunting it must be for all other soon-to-be brides. Then I really came to comprehend what they experienced and maybe are still going through.

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Although there are numerous beauty parlours in Bangladesh, this article will be limited to the populous city of Dhaka. Best package – Sadiya Moyeen will do your full makeup from concealer, eyes, contouring, blush and lips. For all the above deals, Ms. Moyeen-like all top beauticians-will not do nice hair, nails, help you to get dressed or put on jewelry.

A senior beautician will assist Ms. Moyeen to do the base, concealer, blush, etc., depending which package you select. Near the top of my own list is apart from the awesome beautician Ms nothing. Sadiya Moyeen at La Belle COSMETIC SALON. Although other senior beauticians at La Belle are very good artists, if you are thinking about a wedding makeover I’d always then, suggest to opt for the very best always, Sadiya Moyeen herself. It’s your wedding ceremony we are discussing and what better time to pamper yourself, right?

Ms. Moyeen has an excellent eye for details and her attention makeup is remarkably trendy and somehow makes your eye pop out in a most becoming fashion. Ms. Moyeen genuinely cares for the actual bride wants on her behalf makeover and it is very accommodating and comfortable to sit down with. La Belle brides are more natural looking with gorgeous eyes and lips usually. Heavy contouring is usually not common here which is one of the main reasons why a lot of women choose this salon over others. Road 16 (New) 27 (Old), Dhanmondi R/A Dhaka. Farzana Shakil’s-or FS as we girls make reference to it-is another high-end Dhaka parlour.

There are some women who actually dream of being prepared for his or her big day by nobody else other than Ms. Shakil herself. I have also seen many a bride-to-be breakdown in utter sadness when turned down by the parlour credited to too little amount of time in her routine. Farzana Shakil’s brides tend to be model-like than the bride we expect at a marriage because of the heavy contouring and highlighting techniques she uses.