HOW EXACTLY TO Install And Download Firefox On Macintosh

This article points out how to download and install Firefox on a Mac. If you’re updating from an earlier version of Firefox, see Update Firefox to the latest release. 1. Visit the Firefox download web page in any internet browser (for example, Apple Safari). It’ll automatically identify the system and language on your PC and recommend the best version of Firefox for you. 2. Click the green download button to download Firefox. Note: If you wish to have a choice of the vocabulary for your Firefox installation, select the “Download in another language” web page link under the download button instead.

3. Once the download has completed, the file (Firefox.dmg) should open up by itself and pop open Finder windows including the Firefox application. Drag the Firefox Icon on top of the Applications folder to be able to copy it there. Note: If you do not see this window, click on the Firefox.dmg file that you downloaded to open up it.

4. After dragging Firefox to the Applications folder, hold down the control key while clicking in the windows and select Eject “Firefox” from the menu. 5. You can include Firefox to your dock for quick access. Just open your Applications folder and pull Firefox to the dock. Firefox is currently ready for use. Click on its icon in the dock to begin it Just.

When you first start up Firefox, you shall be warned that you downloaded Firefox from the web. Because you download Firefox from the state site, you can click Open. Also, Firefox will not be your default internet browser and you will be told about that. That means that whenever you open a link in your email application, an online shortcut, or HTML document, it shall not open up in Firefox. If you want Firefox to do those ideas, click Use Firefox as my default browser to create it as your default browser. If not or you are just trying out Firefox, click Not now.

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