Download And Install Software Center

Open your net browser and navigate to ‘’. On that web page might be a link to the ‘CCIT Software Center installer for Windows’. Click ‘Run’ on the pop up. This display may fluctuate between browsers. Click ‘Yes’ when it asks if you would like to allow this software to make modifications to your computer. Once, the application installer launches, click the ‘Install’ button.

It’s going to then immediate you to accept the CCIT Software Center Terms and Conditions. Clicking ‘Yes’ will permit Software Center to install on your machine. Software Center will Only inventory and collects hardware configuration data and presently put in software. It uses this data to show uninstalled software program that could be put in in your machine.

Once the System Center software program has been installed, you’ll find this system by clicking the ‘Start’ orb, ‘All Programs’, then navigate to the ‘Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 folder’. Software Center shall be positioned in the ‘Configuration Manager’ folder. Once you open Software Center, the one choice you could have would be the ‘CCIT Configuration and Setup’ application under the ‘Available Software’ tab.

It is because System Center has not yet had time to run a list on at the moment to put in programs. You’ll be able to wait up to fifteen minutes for software to indicate up, or you’ll be able to install the ‘CCIT Configuration and Setup’. Installing this software will make a few modifications to your PC and a Knowledge Base article for this setup may be found right here: Learn how to: Install CCIT Configuration and Setup. Once you have installed ‘CCIT Configuration and Setup’, or you’ve got waited sufficient time for System Center to stock your currently put in a software program, it will then show a listing of at the moment-accessible software program to you. You might choose multiple bins at a time for installation, however this motion can’t be stopped till the software program has been utterly installed.

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