Today Is Lipstick Day!

Today Is Lipstick Day! 1

Wishing all the Pretty Girl’s a Happy Lipstick Day! Today is Lipstick Day! Are you buying a fresh Lipstick or wearing your favorite one? I thought we should know a little more about the history of one of our favorite beauty products: LIPSTICK! First manmade lipsticks appeared around four to five thousand years ago in Ancient Mesopotamia.

Women there used to grind precious gems and decorate lips with their dust. Powerful and wealthy Ancient Egyptians regularly used lipsticks. It is said that Cleopatra liked red lipstick. “Kiss of Death” is a term that is commonly associated with lipstick. Some civilizations didn’t allow women to surface in public without extensive facial makeup. 80% of the American women regularly wear lipstick and over 25% won’t leave the house without putting on it. Lipsticks have an expiration date and can become rancid. Storing them in fridges can extend their life.

Main ingredients of modern lipsticks are waxing (even natural beeswax), natural oils, pigments, and emollients. For protecting lips against elements, lipsticks, and lip gloss can have vitamin E, collagen, proteins, aloe vera, moisturizers, and sunscreen. For the long time in European DARK AGES, red lipsticks were associated with Satan worshiping. During dark and middle ages in Europe, lipsticks were often viewed as a fashion item of prostitutes and lower course women. Lip Gloss was released to the public in 1930 by Max Factor Company. 1998 survey of American women showed that 32% of them possessed more than 20 lipsticks. The most famous Actresses that popularized lipsticks were Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor. Studies have shown that lipstick sales tend to rise during rainy or gloomy days. Bottom Line… Lipstick makes you HAPPY and really, that’s all that counts! Smile, wear your lipstick and kiss everyone you love today!

This is what makes it well suited for those with rosacea. Pomegranate draw out the rich foundation minimizes ultra-violet ray damage and you may go in for the yellow shade which is most effective to pay the inflammation. This mineral pressed foundation is extremely fine and offers the ability to give the pores and skin the ability to breathe freely.

Even finished tone ensures that the skin does not look blotchy. Minimal irritants and things that trigger allergies enter your skin. Younique Touch is perfect since it contains soybean oil and vitamin E which condition the skin and protect it from these. This brand’s company even comes with a 100 percent money back warranty if the product can not work for you. This is one of the foundations which can be applied through sponge anyway-, brush, or fingertips. But be cautious when you are choosing liquid base because this may exacerbate the conditions of rosacea. Dermablend is a trusted brand. This even water can base is specifically developed for people that have a birthmark, tattoo, scars, or rosacea.

  • Folic acid solution
  • Jim Morris
  • Starlet Eye Pencil in Chocolate (full size)
  • Reduces pore size

This product enables the skin to inhale and exhale and has a clean finish. It covers up minor redness and will not contain any scent. It is perfect for sensitive skin as it hydrates the skin all day long. With a sun protection factor of 25, it also saves your skin from contact with the sun, which is known to avoid the triggering of symptoms.

This is a solutions makeup which snacks the inflammation and addresses and conceals it at the same time. It also has probiotic technologies to use good bacteria. This protects your skin against ecological allergens and irritating substances. From oils Free, Clinique offers protection against redness and blushing. In addition, it has a sunlight-security factor of 15 and is rich in antioxidants. That is slightly heavier and more comprehensive coverage as against liquid base.

This may be used to completely conceal the inflammation, but care should be studied because the merchandise is a solid cream that can also cause pore clogging resulting in breakouts. It Makeup products is another good brand. Its Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream neutralized the redness and makes your skin smooth, supple and smooth without that caked look. This cream basis also includes a sun safety factor of 15 offering a light security against harsh sun rays and a natural tone that are free from oil and perfume. Vitamin E stuffed and enriched with botanical elements to relieve your skin, this cream foundation can easily online be purchased.