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Definitely recommend to young ladies who are always on the go and need an instant way to create hair and not having to connect it up. Oil-based product which i really can’t live without! It had been also a pleasure to apply and the color reminded me of the Dior spring collection waterlilly, but also for a portion of the purchase price. Definitely a bargain and i am so happy that i found out this colour. I could sense that i am using this polish alot this season.

Not sure why i put this in my February favourites, since it is one of my essential ultimate goal products which i cannot live without. Month The past, my lip area have been dried out, chapped and incredibly terrible really. But this product has managed to get better by smoothing out the chapped lips and provides an extended lasting creamy dampness to my lip area. I have to have previously finished using like 5 of the hehe.

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I curently have to original daisy that was very fresh and unique, but that one was just so much more florally and a little bit more sweeter (similar to the soapy smell). It had been so nice which i decided to buy it since there is a ‘bonus points’ offer at the boots counter in any case. Glad i bought it and i am purchasing a full size container soon.

Due to the buzz, i got myself to a counter-top and attempted it out and oh my goodness, it felt amazing of the relative back again of my hand and remaining it looking matt and silky clean. This is a repurchase because i used to love this product but neglected it once i found out gel-eyeliners instead.

Using it was just really quick and i treasured the felt-tip applicator it must give optimum precision in sketching my prefect crisp series i need. In addition, it dries very fast which is absolutely good as i dont have to wait for ages for it to dried out before applying my mascara.

I would utilize this in place of my barryM liquid liner when i’ve more time each day to ready. I think i purchased this because my bobbi brownish gel liner started to dry out and i needed to test the drugstore one. That one can definitley compare the bobbi Brown and M.A.C since it is rather creamy yet very pigmented. It lasted for a very long time when i established it with eyeshadow after and just really nice to utilize.

My favourite base; and yes i am very upset that Chanel have decided to discontinue the product and replace with the excellence lumiere. Regardless, this foundation i have already been using for the majority of february and not only would it provide great coverage therefore i don’t need to use concealer, it also mattified my skin and controlled my mega oily skin nicely. Recommend it to people with oily pores and skin Really..but it’s going to be discontinued soon! Finally bought this when asos was performing a 20% student discount. The packaging is beautiful jus, by most Nars product packaging and there was a ample amount of product inside along with a nice big mirror.