How To Browse The Internet Safely

The internet is an unhealthy place these days no matter if you have a PC or MAC, you download or you don’t. In this article I’m going to show how to safeguard your Windows PC with some free software that essentially makes your personal computer impervious to ANY pathogen (or potential unwanted programs – PUPS) while browsing websites on the Internet.

First, I want to describe how 90% of my customers get badly infected. We’ll use “Bob” as our example. 1. Bob never installs his Windows critical updates for whatever reason. 2. Bob has basic antivirus (also known as signature centered antivirus) that may or might not be updated. 3. Bob gets on the web everyday and mainly reads the news headlines from various information site, looks for stuff on Google and plays free online games.

5. Bob is infected with malware and a fake anti-virus. 1. A free of charge anti-virus – You can find 3 free anti-virus applications that are quite robust and easy for the average PC user to set up. Avira’s AntiVir, Avast Antivirus, and Grisoft’s AVG Free. 2. Sandboxie Free – This application places all data files downloaded from the Sandboxie browser into a “virtual computer” that operates on your PC (ya never know it’s there).

If configured properly, once you close the Sandboxie web browser the virtual computer is demolished along with any malicious files that you will find accidentally downloaded to it. Now we will secure your personal computer with both applications: A free Anti-virus and the Sandboxie web browser. 1. Pick your antivirus.

My personal favorite is Avira, but any of the 3 anti-viruses I pointed out will continue to work just fine previously. Download, install, and update it (updates are usually automatic). Remember, anti-virus by itself is insufficient security for your PC these times, you need additional safety. 2. Now it’s time to set up Sandboxie.

Once Sandboxie is installed you ought to have an icon on the desktop called “Run Sandboxed Web Browser”. If the shortcut is not on the desktop you may click start, all scheduled programs, Sandboxie, then right-click over “Run Sandboxed Web Browser” and click send to desktop. Next, we’ll configure the Default Sandbox to DELETE all material once the Sandboxed Web Browser is shut.

This is the most crucial part. 3. Click Start (or click the Windows world for Vista). 4. Click All scheduled programs. 6. Click Sandboxie Control. 7. Right Click Sandbox DefaultBox. 8. Click Sandbox Settings. 11. Click the First Checkbox (automatically delete the material of the sandbox). 12. Click Apply and OK.

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13. Close Sandboxie Control. OK, now we’re all set to state farewell to any form of malware (viruses) that get’s installed via browsing ANY site on the internet. Go ahead and double click “Run Sandboxed Web Browser”. Looks just like your default web browser (Firefox or IE) right! This means that ALL documents downloaded unintentionally are stuck inside the sandbox and are DELETED once you close the net browser. Basically this implies you can travel to any website and never have to EVER worry about getting contaminated. That is the power of browsing the web with a sandboxed browser. One last quick note.

If you want to intentionally download a file (like a picture) Sandboxie will ask you where you want to “recover” the document. This is to you up. You can recover to the default folder or choose a folder. Be aware that recovering data files can be dangerous Please, this is where you will need your free anti-virus (to check recovered files).

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