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So, we’re back again from our vacation, where there have been a great deal of meals out. I put back again on any of the weight we loss previously. While on vacation, our diet plan were mostly moderate, although there have been a few blow out meals as I mentioned in my own previous post. For most of the vacation, we would have a late breakfast time / brunch of scrambled eggs (most times) and sauteed mushrooms (1-day), which was the protein mostly.

Occasionally, we’d have a cut of toast to go along with it but most of the right time it was without toast. For lunch, because we’d a late breakfast, afternoon had a snack of some deli meats we’d often skip in and then in the late, a little cheese, and some crackers with one glass of wine.

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I would skip the crackers and just have the mozzarella cheese alone. I know there are a great number of calories in cheese, but I did so indulge because I love cheese and I have already been lacking it. My normal everyday living will not include parmesan cheese. We do have one excellent lunch out with some friends as we were out celebrating their Australian citizenship wedding ceremony which you can watch here. Two of the meals were degustation meals, therefore the serves were small quite, and I skipped the red meat course, since I really do not eat red meats and the meat course tended to be the biggest of the lot.

I think my biggest naughty meal was the night time of the Australian citizenship wedding ceremony, where our friends had a BBQ and I acquired stuck into the cheesy Doritos (the best!!) with homemade hummus. Then they also served party pies which is a very Australian thing and I LOVE those things, therefore I ate 4 of them!

That was naughty, but then when dinner was offered, I only got half a sausage (because you’ll want sausage for a BBQ) and some BBQ’and prawns, since my friends know of my aversion to red meats. Overall, I have to say that I am happy with what happened within the vacation.

I didn’t go forward, but I didn’t go backwards either, and that was a total plus. Now, we’re both back to watching what we eat and I’m back to my Optifast pubs for breakfast and lunch. The Optifast bars are great because you are filled by them up, but seriously, they flavor rather boring and they are the uniformity of dried-out cardboard. I’m so over them!