How Would This Investment Be Funded?

How Would This Investment Be Funded? 1

This is a hedge fund investment I am considering. The kind of thing that is not available to specific investors in America but is available within Australia. UK-based Man Group is probably the largest managed futures supervisor. AHL, Man’s main managed futures program. This is something trading one hundred plus global futures markets. RMF Commodity Strategies program. The program invests with 30 hedge fund managers investing in commodities via futures and shares.

In the last 3 years it came back 18.4% p.a. RMF Asian Opportunities funds of managers. The program invests with 14 hedge finance managers specializing in Asian investments. In the last three years it returned 16.4% p.a. Though all three of the programs have quite high every month volatility, their maximum drawdowns are lower than the stock market – they have a smoother collateral curve in the long-run, year to. 4. A capital assurance provided by Commonwealth Bank or investment company of Australia.

A1.00 investment. The most you can lose, therefore, is the interest on your money (supposing positive real interest levels) – which is quite a little over eight many years of course. They’ll also secure every year fifty percent of any new online revenue into the promise. So say the fund makes 10% in the first year. A1.05 per talk about etc.

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Advantages Possibility to invest in a high-alpha (relative to the currency markets) diversifying investment of a type that retail traders usually have limited access to. The managers are high quality. Disadvantages The investment is relatively illiquid. Monthly and stocks can be redeemed regular Prices are quoted. Until 2011 there is a 2% fee for exiting the fund.

The capital promise only can be applied for stocks redeemed in 2016 at maturity. A50,000 committed to such funds you are also exempt. THEREFORE I think, from my reading of the rules, I will be exempt. What do you consider? Would you invest in this? How would this investment be funded? It can be funded using a Commonwealth Securities margin loan with a 70% lending percentage. 5515 in cash on my margin loan.

2515. Though that is beginning to cut things close. A16,400 from Primary Health Care for my Symbion shares. 20k because of this investment. Long run, I wish to reduce the size of my margin loan as margin interest is expensive in comparison to other resources of leverage. We’ll have to wait for a few of my recent investments to payoff first though.