The Creation Of Beauty Is Art

The Creation Of Beauty Is Art 1

Before I reach today’s post: can you believe it’s August already? Where gets the summer gone? I feel like time is zooming by – and I’ve so much still left to see and do still! Here’s hoping I can manage to cross some more things from my summer wishlist before September hits. I guess I’ll have to re-arrange my schedule and start making some plans.

How has your summer been going? Perhaps you have got everything done that you wished to? Now for a little Avon haul and review. I don’t normally buy a huge amount of products from Avon – but once in a while my mom will add on a couple of things that I wish to try out.

That is how I was left with some pores and skin products and several mascaras. These are: your skin So Soft Satin Glow Body Scrub, the physical body Brush, and two of the Super Shock Brights Mascaras. Let’s start by talking about the skincare products: the body scrub and your body brush.

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During the summer months, I am about adding a little glow to my skin. This year, I have already been using the Jergens Natural Glow Gradual Moisturizer (I really like this a lot, I cannot even deal with it) and the L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze (offers tons of color but is trickier to get a streak-free).

To get an all natural-looking tan, exfoliating can be a complete must. Previously, A milder was being used by me exfoliating product from Hard Candy but decided to give this one a try. It did an excellent job! It’s not too aggressive on my epidermis but still leaves it feeling soft and prepared to tan.

The body clean was also great for getting my pores and skin prepped and ready to go. I was impressed with both products totally. They may be a win! Now for the other two-Avon products that I used: the mascaras. These are the Super Shock Brights and I got the colors Emerald Shock and Violet Shock. I would wear them.

As you can view from the pictures above, these colors are shiny – but not unwearable totally. The violet shade is a little bit darker, as is the emerald shade. Personally, I like that because you can include a little color into your look without it showing up too away there or over the top.