Baristas’ Corner At Canal Central Hotel Business Bay Hosts A SPECIAL Coffee Tasting Event

Coffee fans and coffee connoisseurs got together the other day to taste some great brews at the newly-opened niche coffee house Baristas’ Corner at Canal Central Hotel Business Bay. The guests were treated to a variety of coffee flavors from TAF coffee roasters, in assistance with Cascara Coffee Company, which was prepared by the skilled baristas and offered with magical views of Burj Khalifa at La Cruise Terrace.

What makes a great espresso? Mr. Abdulla Alabdulla, Partner and Co-Founder of Baristas’ Corner said, “It really is a mixture of high-quality espresso and the initial brewing process. At Baristas’ Corner we stick to the highest standards using the best possible substances and state-of-the-art coffee machines and equipment by Dalla Corte. Mr. Mohamed Hassan Alshamsi, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Baristas’ Corner described, “We wish the best for our customers, so we have partnered with TAF Coffee Roasters and Cascara Coffee Company. There are many distinctive and diverse flavors of coffees to explore on the Baristas’ Corner menu.

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Baristas’ Corner is the perfect place to meet up with friends or business associates for a quick espresso, a leisurely bite, afternoon ‘pick-me-up’ an or a rest anytime among. The look aesthetics at the coffee house strike the right note by developing a welcoming and relaxing ambience for people wanting to escape the city’s frantic pace. Central Hotels has very quickly established itself as a reputed hotel management group in the UAE using its flagship property First Central Hotel Suites located in Barsha Heights (TECOM) near Sheikh Zayed Road. Building up on this amazing success, the brand is currently poised to increase its footprint focusing on the UAE as the primary market for growth in addition to other profitable destinations in the entire East.

These programs help promote for Eli Broad’s eyesight of free-market education reform. Furthermore to using his foundation to impact change to American open public education, Eli Broad has made personal campaign contributions to candidates who are favorably disposed to his preferred insurance policies, even down to the neighborhood college board level. In this way, he has helped influence the selection of superintendents who are aligned with him ideologically, even though they might not be Broad Academy graduates. For instance, Broad contributed to the campaigns of school board applicants who supported former U.S. Assistant Attorney General Alan Bersin’s visit as superintendent of San Diego’s college district.

In 2003, Joseph Wise (class of 2003) was installed as the superintendent of Christina School District, Delaware’s largest. In 2006, Wise was succeeded by Lillian Lowery (class of 2004), who served until 2009 when she was appointed as the state’s Secretary of Education. Two Broad Residents works under Lowery at the state level.

Another Broad superintendent, Marcia Lyles (course of 2006), replaced Lowery as superintendent of Christina School District. Along with Bill Gates, Broad contributed a huge amount of money to the advertising campaign to extend mayoral control of the public schools in NEW YORK under Michael Bloomberg. Among the leaders he is near to and has personally recommended behind the scenes are previous NYC Chancellor Joel Klein, previous D.C. Chancellor Michelle Rhee, AFT President Randi Weingarten, and US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

Broad and his basis to believe that open public academic institutions should be run such as a business. As Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, a proponent of this school of thought has said,”…we can afford to make substantially more errors and in fact we have to toss more things at the wall. A hallmark of the Broad-style management is shutting existing colleges than attempting to improve them rather, increasing class size, opening charter schools, imposing high-stakes test-based accountability systems on students and educators, and implementing of purchase performance plans.

The brusque and frequently punitive management style of Broad-trained leaders has frequently alienated parents and instructors and sparked protests. The Oakland Unified School District (CA) experienced a series of three consecutive Broad-trained, state-appointed administrators over a period of six years. The first, Randolph Ward (course of 2003), aroused huge protests along with his programs to close schools and even employed an individual bodyguard for the duration of his tenure. Ward was accompanied by Kimberly Statham (course of 2003), and Vincent Mathews (class of 2006), all of whom remaining the district in financial shambles.

Joseph Wise (class of 2003), previously Superintendent of the Duval County Florida Public Schools, was found to have spent thousands of dollars on personal purchases while a superintendent in Delaware, before being terminated by his Duval post in disgrace. While a finalist for the post of Superintendent in Washoe County in Nevada, Kimberly Olson (course of 2005) pled guilty of experiencing engaged in war profiteering when she was a colonel in Iraq.

Chris Cerf (course of 2004), the acting New Jersey Education Commissioner, has been criticized for not identifying his involvement in a consulting company which developed a top-secret plan to change many Newark public schools over to charter providers. 500,000 to cover the plan. Deborah Gist (course of 2008), Rhode Island Commissioner of Education, has backed the firing of most teachers in Central Falls and more recently in Providence and is aggressively fighting seniority protections for instructors. General Anthony Tata (class of 2009), has been embroiled in controversy for dismantling Wake County’s desegregation plan.