EVERYTHING You’ll Feel INSIDE YOUR First 60 Minutes With Dark Souls Remastered

We go hands-on with From Software’s coming back classic before its May 25 release. Full disclosure: I’m a Dark Souls bore. Gaming’s exact carbon copy of one of those men who pulls out an classical guitar at a residence party and begins singing Ed Sheeran tracks. When From Software’s revelatory action RPG launched back in 2011, I fell for this hard, playing it over and over and over. Month period To get a six, it dominated my waking hours, and then invaded my nightmares.

But that was seven years ago. Things have changed. Sequels occurred. PS4 happened. Bloodborne occurred. And with the upcoming release of Dark Souls Remastered looming, I used to be curious concerning how my GOAT has stood up to the ravages of time. Searching for answers, I was delighted to consider Bandai Namco through to its offer of some hands-on time with its returning masterpiece.

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Watch our U.S. team dive into the depths on the latest PlayStation Underground back! You understand the old saying, “Tiptoeing around Lordran cowering behind a shield can be like riding a bike? ” Never a truer word was spoken. It’s been six years since I last booted up Dark Souls and getting back the saddle was a piece of cake. First-time around I found Dark Souls’ UI a touch inscrutable.

Confession: it wasn’t until I had been more than 30 hours into the game that I realized I’d solely been levelling up my Vitality stat. It was interesting build an…. This time I was equipping items, studying item stats, tweaking my build, and lobbing projectiles around straight from the gate, just like a champ.

Come at me, Burg-dwellers. With incidental music all but non-existent, Dark Souls is a game soundtracked solely by your relationships with the environment almost. With a set of headphones on, and a large 4K TV screen inches from your nose, it’s still a uniquely solemn, lonely world to inhabit. Will there be a safer, more tranquil bolthole in virtually any gaming than Dark Souls’ Firelink Shrine? I think not. That soft orchestral theme, the crackling campfire, the Crestfallen Warrior’s rousing pep talks (“There’s no salvation here.

’s my happy place. And speaking of friendly encounters, it was all I could do to stop myself reaching through it and giving classic Petrus of Thoruland a hug when I ran into him mooching about the Firelink ruins. According to last go-round, the sensation did not look like mutual. “Have you business around?

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