How To Add Sound Effects To Custom Themes

Greetings. I’m causing this to be guide because I am struggling trying to include sounds effects to my custom theme and There is no in-dept guide explaining how to do so, thus I decided to write my very own guide. I’m still fairly new to this website, and have limited knowledge about them, so please bear beside me. THIS GUIDE ISN’T ABOUT CREATING A THEME FROM SCRATCH. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN THEMES, READ THIS.

SFX for Moving Cursor; Launching App; Creating/Deleting Folders & Accept; Closing App & Back; Opening 3DS from Sleep Mode and Bottom Screen body 1; frame 2 and frame 3. Remember that you can ignore any SFX you do not want. 1. Find/Create a sound apply for one of the mentioned procedure.

2. Open the file with Audacity. 4. Repeat all steps until you have all the SFX you want. As mentioned previously, you’ll need the official 3DS SDK to convert .wav to.Bcwav. Obtaining it legally could be very challenging and I won’t’t help you find a pirated copy. With some effort however, you should be able to find a copy. 6. Repeat step 5 for all those .wav documents you want to convert. 2. Open the theme you want to change. 4. Select that.Bcwav file (if any) you want to try out with each procedure. You have added custom SFX to your theme! If you have any question, suggestion, anything, feel free to post in the thread.

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