How To Get Rid Of Your Turkey Neck

Do you experience a turkey neck? It is one of the very most visible indicators of aging as our neck of the guitar begins to resemble that of a turkey’s. The skin seems to hang and in time may turn not simply to deep lines and wrinkles but levels of dangling flesh. You may be resigned to considering there isn’t whatever you can do to correct it and can just have to live with it or conceal it.

These are of course options but there are other things which you are able to do which can only help in the looks or disguise from it. You are able to of course conceal it, let’s take a look at what is available to do this. There are scarves which may be worn year round. These range from elegant to everyday styles and can be worn to great effect.There is certainly everything from heavy wintertime warm scarves to utter silk scarves which can be a beautiful accessory to any closet. Not only are they covering your problem area, it is being kept by them from exposure to the elements such as sun, wind, and other environmental conditions which can speed up the problem.

50 Methods to Wear a ScarfI use this as a bible of headscarf wearing. It offers given me the self-confidence to use various scarves as an item to help decorate and outfit and also to hide my ‘turkey neck’. Before I purchased this written book I used to be wearing scarves which appeared as if a noose around my neck of the guitar.

Now I am a scarf wearing aficionado! The usage of chokers and necklaces will attract focus on this certain area that you want to hide. Great cascades of necklaces or chains give the appearance of the drawn pulled down neck, far better avoid these unless your neck is covered with clothing. High neck of the guitar clothing such as turtle necks are a terrific way to conceal the loose pores and skin around your throat. There are of course ‘mock turtle necks’ which don’t fold over.

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If you do not like the sensation of all the materials around your neck of the guitar, this may be an option better suitable for you. These come in a number of fabrics from chunky knits to thin cotton/blends and is often as thick or sheer as you want. These aren’t limited to winter though as you can purchase high-necked shells which work great under a light-weight suit. If you and your doctor recognize, there are of course medical options to eliminate the loose pores and skin.

This would be the lifting and tensing of the skin and the removal of fat tissue. This will leave you with scars behind the ears. If your condition doesn’t warrant going under the blade, you could opt for laser treatment of the region. Your physician can help you who is qualified to perform this kind of procedure.

Which of the following would you take into account an option? Hide it with clothing and scarves. Moisturize to reduce the looks of loose skin. Surgical and or medical treatment. Nothing, it is area of the natural ageing process. Other, I’ll leave a comment. 0 of 8192 people usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in remarks, but URLs will be hyperlinked.

Comments aren’t for promoting your articles or other sites. I acknowledge, in the tropics we must be a more creative little. Covering it also has the added advantage of sun protection as well. An uber is had by me turkey neck and your recommendations are most useful. I love the scarf and turtleneck ideas. In a exotic country like the Philippines, a turtleneck can be produced of cool materials with halter sleeves.

I believe the fine weather you have in Scotland has helped prevent turkey neck. The sun is one of the most severe things for it. You are so right, avoidance is preferable to a cure. Thanks for visiting. I’m lucky, at 60 I have almost no lines and wrinkles (only have fun lines when I smile) – but I’ve got sag.

Hollows under my eye and sagging pores and skin under my chin – i.e. turkey throat. I’ve been informed by dermatologists that moisturising won’t do anything to reduce the sag, exercises are my only hope unless I’m ready to have surgery. I guess I need to get stuck in to the exercising! I have never tried to stand out my neck for photos, good tip! Happy it was appreciated by you, thanks a lot for reading. Ah, so true the turkey wiggle is a keep, LOL.