Some people love to make their dogs as pretty as can be. For these folks are dog clothes there. Cute sweaters, doggie tee shirts, dog booties, stylish bandanas, and precocious little hats are among the things people shall purchase to adorn their dogs with style. In many cases the doggie designer clothing comes filled with a doggie designer price tag.

86.00 (Pretty Pink Formal Dress). Some of these dog clothes cost more than a lot of people spend to dress themselves. But, the websites stay in business. Someone is buying these things. 25.00), and the 100% cotton doggie bathrobe – perfect for the pooch who would like to emulate Hugh Heffner. The recent craze in excessive doggie clothing is without a doubt spurred by the popularity of celebrity canines like Paris Hiltons infamous Tinkerbell and Anna Nicole Smiths Prozac-popping pup, Sugar Pie.

Both pooches are hardly ever seen in general public without some form of dress and the PR pooches are having an influence. So, if youre in the market for dog clothes that will switch heads and get a pooch noticed, developer doggie duds may be just what the fashion critic ordered. Just make sure never to combine designer labels or adorn your pet in designs that clash. In the end, what could be more gauche? Kirsten Hawkins is your dog animal and lover expert from Nashville, TN.

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But these businesses don’t want the trouble or to change the way they do business. They want cheap energy. And they are not very concerned about the impacts of carbon pollution clearly. Some are denying the global warming is a problem even. So in short, there is alliance between left-leaning, climate justice folks who want big government and funds directed to specific groups, and right-leaning energy-intensive industrialists who don’t want to deal with global warming.

An unholy alliance if there every was one. They have a joint website even. The big question is if the rational middle will be large enough to pass I-732. People that want our state to deal with increasing greenhouse gases. Folks that understand global warming is a danger that must be handled.

Folks who understand the importance of making our tax structure less regressive. Folks who look beyond their own self pocket and interest reserve. And people that understand that a bipartisan carbon tax swap could be a good example that could stir the rest of the nation. Check out the Yes on the I-732 website. Help makes doorbell or phone calls. Contribute. Or come to my chat on Sept 28th, a fundraiser for I-732 (see below). During the evening of September 28, I am giving a talk in Seattle at the Mountaineers in NE Seattle on Climate Surprises: Unexpected Impacts of Global Warming on the Pacific Northwest.