Mars Rover Captures Ghostly Snapshot Of Mount Sharp

NASA’s Curiosity rover is super busy doing technology on Mars, but it still has time for a little sightseeing. The rover snapped a panoramic view of Mount Sharp from a perch together with a long, steep slope on Tuesday. We visit a complete lot of close-up views of rocks and dust, so this scenic lookout is the perfect reminder of how varied the Mars surroundings can be just.

Mount Sharp is the central maximum inside the Gale Crater and reaches 3.4 mls (5.5 kilometers) above the crater floor. Which ghostly quality to the uncooked image, which was not processed to show Mars’ typical reddish color structure. Curiosity team member Mariah Baker, a planetary geologist at Johns Hopkins University, this week had written in an objective revise. Curiosity has been exploring an area with the extremely cool nickname “Visionarium,” an accepted place filled with interesting rock levels and textures.

The rover team is currently eyeing a good place to drill so we can learn more about the makeup of the rocks here. If the look pans out, Curiosity could be drilling this weekend, giving scientists another taste of this fascinating clay-rich part of Mars. The rover is investigating days gone by the history of water on Mars and searching for indicators of organic compounds. And it’s carrying it out in a pleasant, otherworldly location with heart-fluttering views of Mount Sharp.

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