The Business Owner As Visionary

Being a visionary is the most crucial character characteristic of a business owner. It is eyesight that will form the “what”, which is a vision that will notify the “how.” The successful business owner keeps these visions solidly in mind, and it is obsessive about seeing them become actuality. Nothing shall stop him.

The bigger the hurdles, the more obsessed he becomes. If the “what” is an idea how to make an existing product or service faster, cheaper, better, better, it can form the basis of a very successful business. The visionary entrepreneur has already done all the research essential to prove that the marketplace has an agonizing need and is preparing to buy.

Now, all that is needed is to get the theory to market as quickly as possible before someone else arises with the same idea. The light bulb that replaced the candle light, the automobile that replaced the horse and buggy, the electric typewriter that changed the Remingtons, the fax machines that changed the telegraph are examples of such product improvements.

If the “what” is an idea for something radically new – where the market will not yet know that it has a need – vast fortunes have been built on such ideas. These are riskier enterprises because there is the probability that the market will not accept the idea always, or it shall take a long time for consumers to come around. Computers are a good example.

They had been in use for a long time by scientists and in educational circles before they truly became a fixture in every household. But nothing at all that is invented in the last 100 years has changed just how we live more than the computer. Let’s touch briefly on the entrepreneur’s eyesight of “how” to realize his dream. The main basis will be sufficient money to get the business off the ground. That may be a formidable hurdle if the funds have to come from someone apart from the entrepreneur himself.

Volumes could be written on this subject. Let`s say for the moment that a dynamite business plan has made sufficient money available. Now the business owner has to build a first-class team that can in fact execute the business plan – and do to perfection. The business owner will spend the majority of his time ensuring all people of his team are obvious on his eyesight and keep completely centered on their assigned duties.

You must create a thorough background in business theory and procedures and that means you can apply that computer knowledge to help your business achieve its goals. A bachelor’s degree in general management information systems (MIS) is a superb choice since it combines business classes with the mathematics, software development and computer programming courses of some type of computer research program.

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By the time you graduate from an undergraduate MIS level program, you will understand not only how computer coding and technology work but also how to use computer technology to resolve an organization’s problems. A degree in MIS can help you attain a position as information and computer systems supervisor.

Sometimes called it (IT) managers and IT project managers, these specialists to figure out what a company’s technology needs are based on the organization’s goals and problems and apply the systems that meet these needs, the BLS reported. Among information and computer systems managers, even the cheapest paid have a fairly profitable salary.