What Fenty Maison OPPORTINITY FOR Fashion

Understanding Rihanna’s effect on the buyer industry over the last few years is an important factor in identifying how this LVMH partnership created. LVMH is also not afraid to shake up the industry and is doing so for quite a while now. Over its 32-yr history, the business has rebranded 70-plus-year-old European fashion homes like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Fendi to accommodate a new modern luxury market that has a shifting aesthetic and buying pattern.

LVMH has helped these legacy brands maintain market share and stay relevant by sourcing new abilities for his or her creative and business teams. Year LVMH tapped Off-White Creative Director Virgil Abloh to become Louis Vuitton’s new Men’s Artistic Director Just last. Virgil’s origins as a high-end streetwear designer made this a somewhat unconventional move, but one that could seemingly pay off big throughout a time when men are spending less time in suits and additional time in fine denim and knitwear. Adding Fenty to its roster of luxury homes, is a move that has the potential to change the tide within the luxury fashion industry once and for all.

Unlike modernizing recognized and aging brands, LVMH is currently tasked with creating a reverse formula in order to provide this new-age brand with the opportunity to build a long-lasting legacy that can contend with its current roster. In an extravagance industry that has been working to keep up with fast-fashion retailers by producing more and more collections each year, LVMH and Rihanna took up the challenge of solidifying Fenty Maison as a household name.

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Aside from Fenty’s potential to shake up the blissful luxury retail business, Rihanna’s existence as the first female of color to head a fashion house under the company has been championed as a significant stride in fashion diversity. Up to now, LVMH has only announced the addition of 1 Fenty team member, former ready-to-wear director at Louis Vuitton Veronique Gebel.

Despite being weeks away from the debut of Fenty Maison, the brand has recently made an impact on the style industry. However, the brand offers hope that with someone like Rihanna in boardrooms, diversity, and a new image of luxury won’t become yet another short-lived trend. Although her fans have managed to get clear that what they need right now is new music, with Fenty Maison Rihanna is providing the global world with something crucial, she’s giving the style industry what it requires.

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