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Thanks for the reply! I acquired your point that you need to go for two different products (1) LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE – Term Plan (2) Accidental Insurance. Can Accidental Insurance premium be looked at for tax benefit under 80c or any other section. I am hoping, Health insurance high quality is considered in various section than 80c. The same manner can we avail the tax benefit for accidental insurance?

As you advised that iProtect is online term plan. What does it mean and should one avoid this product? ICICI Pru Home Assure is to convey Home Loan so one should avoid this plan for natural term plan life insurance perspective. ICICI Pru LifeGuard offers maximum sum assured of Rs. 10 each. So you need to avoid this course of action if he needs sum guaranteed more than 10 lacs. ICICI Pru Pure Protect Classic offers maximum amount guaranteed of below Rs. 25 lacs. Which means this is also not applicable for those looking for sum assured more than 25 lacs.

ICICI Pru PurePru Protect Elite offers sum guaranteed without limit. You can choose an amount assured of his/her choice. Advise for this product plan Kindly. Is this right product to look for or not? I see that there surely is a much much difference in the high quality for ICICI Pru iProtect & ICICI Pru PurePru Protect Elite.

We simply need to pay about Rs. 9000/- in case there are iProtect and Rs. 20000/- in case of Pure Protect Elite. I feel that beneficiary benefits in both of these plans are same as insured’s family are certain to get the sum assured in case there is death of the insured person. Why there is certainly difference in the superior layout Then?

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It requires a while and someone besides you but it worth the cost. I’d say Ubuntu is easier to install, use, revise, and upgrade than Who’s for the basic newbie who hasn’t touched some type of computer before. Furthermore, its more tweakable, better looking, smoother and faster. Off course, it’s quite hard to make run-indigenous programs written for Windows on the linux-based systems, such as games, mainly released for guide or Windows applications such as Adobe Photoshop or MS Office. I myself had this season a course on Excel, and I couldn’t get around it using wine, I put to reinstall W7 on the partition utilizing it to run Excel. Great article and incredibly interesting remarks.