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Through Uniteds network of Banks and Investors with the ability to access financing. United Investment Limited offers funding for corporate and business and socioeconomic development, to experienced customers. United provides funding through investment, by accessing our large data foundation of clients prepared to invest in sound opportunities, our clients includes, Banks, Pension Funds, Federal and State Government, Insurance Individuals and Companies. We have developed a solid financial base which can supply the needs of successful applicants. At United we’ve a stringent adherence to your finance prerequisites therefore guarantying results for our investment which of our investors.

Many clients, especially retired clients, take an active role in controlling their own investments. Most taxpayers will deduct such expenditures as production-of-income expenses which are deductible only as itemized deductions and therefore are subject to the 2% floor on miscellaneous itemized deductions. If you meet certain requirements However, you might be able to these expenses as business expenditures in arriving at modified gross income. To deduct investment-related expenses as business expenses, you must be involved in a business or trade.

  • Minutes from all meetings and calls with the Supplier
  • Result within an increase of the main balance
  • 61 Regs. Sec. 1
  • Proper planning loan fees or origination factors

However, taxpayers that are believed to be traders are able to deduct their investment-related expenses as business expenditures. A investor is also entitled to deduct home-office expenses if the home office is used exclusively on a regular basis as his or her principal place of business. Since the Supreme Court’s decision, there has been extensive litigation on the presssing issue of whether a taxpayer is a trader or investor. The Tax Court has developed a two-part test that must definitely be satisfied for a taxpayer to be a trader.

So, the fact that a taxpayer’s investment activities are regular, considerable, and continuous isn’t alone sufficient for determining that a taxpayer is a trader. To become considered a investor, a taxpayer must show that he or she purchases and sell securities with realistic frequency in order to profit on a short-term basis.

16 million each year was held to be an trader because the holding periods for stocks sold averaged about twelve months. For most investors, investment-related expenses are treated as a miscellaneous itemized deduction subject to 2% of AGI. If the investor meets the two-part criteria noted above, the investment-related expenditures are treated as a small business deduction from AGI.

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