What Do You Prefer .. Mac Or Clinique?

What Do You Prefer .. Mac Or Clinique? 1

Both lines have great products and produced by the Estee Lauder Companies. Clinique is more mainstream color and great skin care while MAC has phenomenal, cool, hip colors, and brushes with marginal skin care. MAC foundation are awesome and provide many options for ladies of colour.What do you prefer .. I actually prefer both. Mac of course is Mac and is known for extreme pigments that really make colors pop. Mac shadows are great and comes in lots of colors and textures which promote creativness. After all it is a line created for and by makeup artist.Clinique is good for the everyday woman who kinda stays in their makeup routine.

They have a huge variety of cleaning products for those skin types. Mac is domination for teenagers to mid-30’s in demographics and critique targets the older woman who feels in skin care. I have tried foundations from both accepted places, and I don’t like either one. Each goes on overweight for me, and I’m a transsexual! If you need a nice natural look, go to Lancome and get tinted moisturizer. Max Factor makes a good foundation as well, so don’t believe you have to get expensive stuff. Lancome has good eyeshadows but go for Mac if you want a dramatic look with a whole great deal of color.

Mac, i used clinique after i was youthful and it appeared to diminish and come off always. But Chanel is preferable to both. I actually like them both. I have very oily skin in the summer and mixture skin in the winter. In the wintertime I take advantage of MAC Fix-It. Since I have acne scares it gives me an even really, combined look when I take advantage of a moist brush to use it. One color compliments many epidermis colors.

In the Summer I use Clinique when I want a sheer matte look. It can well absorb essential oil too. Please, remember that your skin layer changes often. This month may not work next month So what works. If you change your skin regiment your makeup will probably change too. 15 a tube thingy.MAC.Lighter on my pouches. More lasting on my face.

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