Philippine Military Warns On Chinese Investment In Key Islands

The Philippine army on Tuesday warned programs by President Rodrigo Duterte’s government to allow Chinese investors to build up three small but tactical islands could “compromise” Manila’s security. Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said Duterte was alert to proposals for Grande and Chiquita islands at the mouth of the previous US naval foundation at Subic Bay as well as the isolated north island of Fuga, but wouldn’t normally elaborate. US causes vacated Subic and other Philippine bases in 1992 and it is now a home slot for the Philippine Navy. Military spokesman Brigadier-General Edgard Arevalo said Tuesday the federal government should research the security implications of handing over the islands to international entities.

Duterte has overseen improved financial ties with China since being elected leader in mid-2016, when he reserve a sovereignty dispute over islands and waters in the South China Sea that Beijing promises almost in its entirety. It has resulted in a strong influx of Chinese investment in the Philippines, particularly in offshore video gaming firms catering to China that have drawn thousands of Chinese workers to Manila.

Apart from the islands, Arevalo said the military was “definitely alarmed” at the rise in the amount of Chinese employees in the united states, including “reports that visitors are capturing of our naval installations”. Panelo, the president’s spokesman, pressured Tuesday the island investments were “mere programs” at the moment, adding it was the work of the armed service and defence establishments “to see if there is any security concern on any concern”.

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