2019 Water Based Foundation Makeup Guide (9 Top Picks)

2019 Water Based Foundation Makeup Guide (9 Top Picks) 1

Clinique’s water based foundation works remarkably well to provide full coverage that lasts during the day. Clinique’s foundation is gas and oil-free SPF15 to protect your face from dangerous sunlight exposure. The product has a lasting freshness that is weightless while providing reliable coverage that lasts all day long. This foundation works ideal for individuals with any skin tone and it works brilliantly to smooth uneven tones. Try out this Covergirl base.

10. It’s a medium-coverage foundation that can provide up to 4 hours of coverage. However, I’ve discovered that it was pretty easy to include touch ups during the day. This foundation feels lightweight and works on all skin types including dry skin and incredibly oily skin. If you’re thinking about drugstore water centered foundations, check out my section on this topic here.

Too Faced offers their version of the water-centered foundation that is oil-free and works to diffuse lines between your makeup and the skin, creating an even, natural, and consistent appearance. This foundation offers medium to full coverage dental plans, which works extremely well to protect sunlight harm, acne, and greasy skin. One application creates a perfect and natural-looking appearance.

Too Faced basis is infused with coconut water, which works to moisturize the facial skin as you were the product. Additionally, Alpine rose and hyaluronic acid work to brighten your skin and improve elasticity to promote a far more youthful appearance. The liquid mineral foundation by Youngblood works to create an all-natural and 100-percent genuine coverage for your skin. This product provides long-lasting coverage, feels super-silky to the touch when applying, and goes on without caking up efficiently. This foundation is great for sensitive skin and will not contribute to acne, skin rashes, or any other issues.

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This water based foundation can be applied by finger or with a sponge for an even and consistent finish that feels light and airy all day. Youngblood infuses their liquid basis with deep-sea water rich in nutrients and nutrients that work to hydrate your skin layer and leave a stylish, radiant appearance.

If you’re looking for a basis that works ideal for acne, you may want to consider this one from COVER FX. With regards to dealing with acne, you need a foundation that is oil-free and non-comedogenic. This foundation ensures that your hard blemishes are covered which your skin layer can breathe! It’s been clinically tested to work well with acne and I highly recommend it. Guava offers this inexpensive option for a specialist quality basis. This sheer matte foundation consists of SPF 30, which works to protect your skin layer from damaging UV rays.