Microplastics Should Be Banned In Makeup Products TO SAVE LOTS OF Oceans, MPs Say

Microplastics Should Be Banned In Makeup Products TO SAVE LOTS OF Oceans, MPs Say 1

Makeup products companies must be banned from using plastic material microbeads in scrubs, beauty, and toothpaste products because of the sea-air pollution they may be causing, say a combined group of MPs. Members of environmentally friendly audit committee have needed a ban within 1. 5 years after hearing that trillions of tiny bits of plastic are accumulating in the world’s oceans, estuaries, and lakes, harming marine life and entering the meals chain. About 86 tonnes of microplastics are released into the environment every year in the UK from facial exfoliate alone, they were informed. Microplastic pollution originates from the fragmentation of bigger pieces of plastic waste, small synthetic fibers from clothing and the microbes found in makeup products and other products.

The microbeads in scrubs, shower toothpastes and gels are an avoidable part of the plastic material pollution problem. An individual shower could result in 100,000 plastic particles entering the ocean, said the committee chair, Mary Creagh. “We are in need of a complete legal ban, preferably at a global level as pollution does not respect edges,” she added. “If this isn’t possible after our vote to leave the EU, then the Federal government should introduce a nationwide ban.

Microbeads are part of the wider issue of micro plastics. Their small size means they can be ingested by marine life and also have the potential to transfer chemicals to and from the marine environment. Between 80,000 and 219, a year 000 tonnes of microplastics get into the European marine environment. Opportunities to capture microplastics through enhanced washing-machine filtration systems and improved waste and water sewage treatment processes must also be explored.

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The committee called for urgent research, stating: “If someone eats six oysters, it is likely they will have consumed 50 particles of micro plastics. A lot of the world’s ocean plastics by weight are large pieces of debris (eg fishing equipment, bottles, and plastic bags). However, the prominent type of particles by volume is microplastics. It is estimated that 15-51tn microplastic particles have accumulated in the sea, with microplastics reported at the ocean surface and on shorelines worldwide.

They are also present in remote locations including deep-sea sediments and Arctic sea ice. Tamara Galloway, at the University of Exeter, agreed. “Pollution from microbes is a global problem,” she said. “Tides and currents can bring air pollution across oceans to countries an extended distance from where these were originally released.

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